Do you ever wish you had an owner’s manual to help plan for retirement?

Well now you do.

This book will help provide the foundation you need for a successful retirement.

You’ll Learn:

  • Social Security Strategies
  • Asset Organization
  • Investment Solutions
  • Legacy Planning

Retire With Wisdom

Using Stewardship Principles To Help You
Get The Most With What You Got


Retire With Wisdom

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Our goal is to teach you the wisdom of how money works. We don’t believe that you should have all your retirement savings invested 10 years before you retire and when you do retire. The following videos will help teach you the wisdom why we believe this thesis to be true. Enjoy what you are about to learn!


The IRS and Required Minimum Distributions



What is the “safe” income rate for your retirement?



The history of BEAR markets



The Black Hole of your retirement



How many years do you need income in retirement?



Which average are they using?



A look at my Bloopers